Time to talk. Time to listen. Time to think.

Time to talk. Time to listen. Time to think.

Time to talk. Time to listen. Time to think.Time to talk. Time to listen. Time to think.

group therapy

Why do therapy in a group?

 Human beings have always lived in social groups - family, friends, work and so on. And I think you'd agree that for most of us our happiness depends upon the quality of our relationships within those groups. A therapy group gives you the opportunity to talk about and explore personal issues in an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality. It provides an ideal setting in which to gain new insights into yourself and your relationships.  In joining a group you are giving yourself time and space to talk about your experiences in a supportive environment.  

A group might seem a daunting prospect, particularly if you are feeling unsure of yourself and looking for help. So, in the first instance I would suggest that you get in touch.

What happens in a group?

 A group meets weekly for 90 minutes and has up to 8 members. Members are encouraged to question, explore and re-examine their thoughts and experiences. The therapy groups I conduct are 'analytic'. This means that we pay attention to unconscious processes as well as our conscious mind. There is also an understanding that our earlier life experiences have influenced the way we think about the world in the present and the ways in which we relate to others. 

Debra Nash, Group Therapist


Group facilitator

I have 20 years of experience in facilitating therapy groups. 

Qualifications and Experience

I qualified as a Group Analyst with the Institute of Group Analysis in 2005 and am registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy and have an MSc in Psychodynamics of Human Development from the British Association of Psychotherapists. I have been Director of Training for Institute of Group Analysis Manchester Courses since 2014.

Experience of working with groups

I have a wide range of experience of working with groups in a variety of settings including: analytic therapy groups, staff groups, experiential groups, reflective practice groups.


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